HOPE Learning’s philosophy and guiding principles help clients achieve positive results.


Jim Beaubien and Karen Caesar begin each relationship with one question. How can we add value?

We believe in clarifying our clients' objectives and setting deliverables for our engagement upfront.

We are systematic, which makes it easy for clients to see progress and check in on the value we bring. But we aren't stuck. Every relationship is different and we customize our services based on our clients' needs.

What does adding value look like? We get teams that have missed deadlines over and over back on track. We help boards focus, agree and move forward with strong strategy. We are the sounding boards that executives use to bounce ideas off of about new markets, new offerings, or operational changes that spark growth.


Laughter and camaraderie grease the wheels of change and open people up to new ideas. That's a good rationale, but honestly we just like having fun. It's a good day when we've done what we came to do AND made some people shift their thinking with a chuckle.

We promise to ask the questions no one else is asking, and use the latest research, assessment tools and change strategies. We are insatiably curious about what could make things better. And our curiosity is contagious. Growth happens when a client is sufficiently intrigued by one of our questions or by something they've learned that they imagine something unforeseen.

HOPE – Helping Organizations and People Excel – is our heart work. You know those mugs that say "I'd rather be golfing."? We don't have those. We love this. And that's why we're good at it. And from software developers to mining executives, we help people find new energy and new ideas by tapping into their passion.

Every engagement, with every client, is a co-creation. We don't parachute in, make proclamations and move on. Our goal is to work as partners, trusted advisors; and that takes time. By building trust with your people and fostering better relationships between your team members, we help people see connections they've been missing and reach out to make things better.

Jim Beaubien: Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, Speaker and HOPE Learning Co-Founder

Jim Beaubien

"We cultivate people’s curiosity, help them see the obvious in the invisible, and we make sure people get their daily dose of laughter!" ~Jim 

Karen Caesar: Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker and HOPE Learning Co-Founder

Karen Caesar

"We are also outcome-oriented. We've worked in coal mines and intensive care units – every client is unique, and we leave every client better than we found them." ~Karen

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