Karen Caesar: Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker and HOPE Learning Co-Founder

Karen Caesar

Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker and HOPE Learning Co-Founder

"We take a present-no-solution-before-its-time approach. We really get to know our clients and their business and customize everything we do to suit the client's unique needs." ~ Karen

Karen has been a managing partner with HOPE Learning for more than 35 years, working with clients as a coach, consultant, facilitator and speaker.

Karen is also an adjunct professor for the MBA program and the Executive Education Program at the University of Alberta and has taught business courses in the Organizational Development and Leadership MA Program at the Fielding Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, and at the University of Calgary. Students in the MBA program at the University of Alberta jointly selected Karen and Jim as Professors of the Year for 2003.

As is the case with Jim, clients respect that Karen is an academic with dirt under her fingernails.

Clients appreciate her ability to explain complex concepts in language they can understand, remember and apply. Her research and corporate work focuses on interpersonal communications, leadership and team development. 

Karen is a Certified Speaking Professional, and a member of the National Speakers' Association. She's been invited to speak on topics ranging from strategies for individual achievement, to effective communication for collaboration.

But Karen isn't keen on one-off talks. She's passionate about making a sustainable difference for her clients. She now folds her research and personal business experience into customized seminars and workshops that build capacity in organizations as part of her coaching and consulting practice.

She holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Nevada and a Masters’ in Organizational Design and Effectiveness from Fielding Graduate University.