We help people create an environment where change is possible and learning is fun.

Tab through some of the HOPE Learning models. We’ve designed these to help people think in new, more productive ways about working together.


Gravity holds our solar system together. Leadership gravity holds organizations together and keeps individuals and teams from spinning out of control.

Like planets and moons, some organizations enjoy more leadership gravity than others – making it easier for everyone to pull together.

Unlike planets, we can leverage the know-how and passion of the people in an organization to increase its leadership gravity – Karen and Jim use this model to show people how.

Download PDF of the model.


Research shows that it pays to to have a positive culture at work:

  • Employee retention improves

  • Customer service improves

  • Focus and productivity improve

  • The bottom line improves

But what if that doesn't just happen organically? What if your people are disengaged, tuned out, lost?

Making haphazard changes creates haphazard results. We use the PERMA model to teach people how an organization's culture can be improved by design.

The PERMA Model is based on the work of Martin Seligman. We've adapted the original framework to apply it to organizations and help them strategically foster a culture that's good for people and good for business.

Download PDF of the model.


There are people and organizations that we call Wave Makers.

We use that term specifically because the people and organizations don’t just create random ripples; their work, their ideas, their interactions are regenerative and have the depth and energy to carry people. (Think Google, Gandhi or community leaders that consistently show up, adapt and make things happen.)

By building capacity to touch hearts, engage minds, lift spirits, harness talent and promote performance, people and organizations can learn to:

  • Negotiate any situation with clarity, grace and authenticity

  • Create conditions where people are motivated to act

  • Become a Wave Maker.

Download PDF of the model.