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Jim Beaubien, HOPE Learning Consultant, Facilitator, CoachWe work with world-class game developers, government agencies, credit unions – there is no box for our clients. But if there is one thing that our clients have in common, it’s their curiosity and openness to learning, so we’re happy to share ideas and articles. ~Jim Beaubien

Relationship Currency

Relationships may be thought of as the currency of leadership. As such, they are a critical source of power. Effective leaders use this power to engage people and focus their efforts on achieving desired outcomes. Without relationships, leaders have little appeal to or impact on their followers. Leadership is often defined as the art of…

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Leadership Lessons from a Cabbie

Leadership can turn up in the most unexpected places. Let me explain what I mean. On a recent trip, I encountered a passionate cab driver with a cause. He was upset with city hall for its intention to pass a law that would prevent vehicles that are more than five years from being used as…

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Self Management for Leaders

Leaders have to be self-managers. Without self-management, you can’t manage others. The following suggestions will help you improve in this vital area. Set your priorities: Operate on the assumption that leadership resources are extremely limited. All of us have far more things we can do than we have time to do. Effectiveness improves when we…

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Time Cycles

Cycles punctuate our existence; they are all around us. Many natural events like day and night, reproduction and the tides all follow well-defined cycles. Social phenomena such as the economy, business and fashion also follow fairly predictable cycles. The seasons are one of the most visible cycles. Although there is some variation, every year has…

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300 Reasons You Can’t Get Things Done

Are you too busy? Do you have a hard time getting everything done? Are you in a fire fighting or crisis management mode? Do you lose track of things? Do you spend enough time on your priorities? Is your current approach impacting on your quality of life? If you are a leader or a manager…

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